Why is Transformation so Difficult?

By: Mark Cummings, Ph.D. 4/2017

It has been many years now since the concept of telecommunications transformation emerged, and yet we seem to be having a hard time getting there.  Looking at the last time such a fundamental change was made leads to the conclusion that to achieve transformation, telecommunications companies (Telcos) need to learn to do business with small innovative technology start-up companies and to use business cases to help all portions of their companies to understand the need to implement the resulting innovative technology.

There are forces driving the Transformation effort.  As early as 2012, a senior executive of Deutsche Telekom stated publicly that the current methods of operating and orchestrating Telco networks are resulting in a non-linear increase in operating costs.  This increase in costs along with pricing pressure has been cited the reason for dramatic reductions dividends by many Telcos including Orange and Deutsche Telekom.  About the same time SDN (Software Defined Networking) and NFV (Network Function Virtualization) appeared.  As Google, Facebook, and Amazon started to combine SDN and NFV with their Cloud technologies, some Telcos started studying how they operate and orchestrate their networks. (Read full article)

CEM Orchestration and Big Data

Mark Cummings, Ph.D.  3/2017

There are two approaches to Customer Experience Management getting a lot of attention today.  They are End-to-End Orchestration (EEO) and Big Data.  Some argue for one over the other as a single complete solution.  While, in fact, they both have an important and complementary role to play.  Similarly, there are differences of opinion about fully distributed vs. fully centralized solutions.  Here again, the correct answer is not “either  or” but “both and”.  To better understand these complementary relationships we will first briefly explore the relationship between Customer Experience Management (Quality of Experience or QoE) and network Quality of Service Management (QoS).  Then we will examine real-time response and pattern mining and how they can work together.  In this context, we will look at topology and examine how distributed and centralized approaches complement each other and are driven by external factors.  This discussion is a first simplified high-level view.  (Read full article)


Accelerating Telco cloud transformation by addressing SDN/NFV implementation roadblocks

Mark Cummings CTO, Orchestral Networks  | Jayanta Dey, CTO-GMT & PES, Wipro

Network Virtualization coupled with automated management is rapidly evolving into a game changer for next generation communication service providers due to growing market demand for flexible, agile and cost efficient multi-service support. However the possible gains are being eroded by existing management information silos, hampering flexibility and resulting in operational inefficiency. Our estimate* shows that even small Telco’s could be paying upwards of a $400 million Operations and Integration Tax every year.

This whitepaper paper describes how partners Wipro & Orchestral Networks combine innovative technology, world-class engineering and deployment services to provide a cost effective way to solve this problem and enable an on-ramp for rapid NFV implementation.

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Wipro Partnership

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Wipro and Orchestral Networks are strategic partners. Together, they focus on delivering operations infrastructure solutions that meet network operators’ pressing need for multivendor end-to-end network optimization/orchestration while providing a rapid on-ramp for emerging standards (such as NFV SDN). The partnership combines Orchestral Networks’ innovative ON1 product with Wipro’s deep engineering capabilities.

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Overcoming Virtualization Challenges, a TM Forum Interview with CTO Mark Cummings

Orchestral Networks’ Public Demonstrations

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Orchestral Networks has done three public demonstrations: at TMForum Conference in San Jose Nov. 2014; TeleManagement World in Nice, France May 2013; and NGMN Conference in San Jose June 2012.  The demonstrations showed multivendor multidomain solutions to Use Cases selected by network operators.  More details can be found at: :